• Founded in 2014, Onchain designs and develop blockchain solutions for businesses. The company envisions large-scale adoption of distributed ledger technology across private and public sector organizations, and has worked steadily to make this goal a reality . Onchain’s Distributed Networks Architecture (DNA), its first major project , focuses on digital asset applications and supports businesses in multiple ways, chiefly by simplifying creation of both private and public blockchainsscenarios. Onchain is dedicated to constant improvement, and continuously track innovations in distributed ledger technologies with the aim of enhancinge the DNA and developing comprehensive distributed ledger solutions to Enterprise-level challenges.

  • Blockchain is the trust machine. The machine itself must be open and transparent. Based on this idea, Onchain DNA will be open source and will be provided to partners in every industry free of charge.


Distributed Networks Architecture

Based on DNA, enterprise level consortium or private chain can be quickly implemented

Self-coded, open source, no IP risk

Hyperledger global standards + Onchain local (China) practice

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Distributed Networks Architecture

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Use case: Digital Asset

Pre-paid card

Credit card

Airline mileage

Gaming virtual asset

Onchain Team

Onchain is a company dedicated in Blockchain fields (Technology, Solution, Business, and Ecosystem). Core team started journey in 2014. We have abundant accumulation and excellent professional quality in blockchain technology, industry solutions, business operation, and ecosystem construction.

Onchain has a compound team with top blockchain development specialist within China, technical team familiar with blockchain and all kinds of business system, architectures from large financial institutions, business professionals from world top investment banks, and financial experts with CFA and FRM. The composite team enables combination of both industry application and technological advancement for the enterprise level framework DNA.

Developer Community and Business Partners

  • Onchain developer community

    The dev community contains technical talents and companies worldwide. They contribute development, testing, and innovative design to DNA.
  • Onchain technical partners

    Technical partners provide comprehensive technical support to blockchain applications including development, integration, and operation.
  • Onchain business partners

    Companies in different industries implement blockchain application based on DNA.

Open Cooperation

Enterprise Level Application

Onchain team and partners provide technical support, application design, and reliable operation to customers according to their needs. We also explore blockchain application and related business model in every industry and provide comprehensive support including technology, talents, and funds.

Legal Chain – Digital evidence storage alliance

The legal chain is a large-scale commercial legal evidence storage blockchain in the world. The national judicial expertise center, as the node, provide the judicial expertise evidence issuance service. The legal chain is providing the evidence storage back end for Fadada 800,000/day electronic contract.

Security company – Enterprise level digital asset platform

The landing project applying the blockchain in financial institutions in China. It already operated the credits and voting business and will explore more application scenarios of the capital market.

Identity Chain – Integrity system based on blockchain

The identity chain is the product of the GovTech based on the blockchain technology and management technology. It is designed to protect privacy under the premise of the real-name identity, map online digital identity, and unify management. Based on this trusted identity system, through the cross-chain technology it can achieve different applications corresponding to the chain between the chain of value transfer and business collaboration. Identity chain project is initiated by Guizhou Far East Integrity Management Company, based on DNA.

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